Top 5 Best Silverware Chest Reviews in 2020

Ever wondered how to secure your precious silverware to avoid tarnishing, figure damage or for decoration and well-organized purposes? Of course we bet you know silverware chest is one of the answers to this question. But, another main question is that which one can cater to your needs. Here, we are helping you in choosing your ideal silverware chest. Let’s take a quick look at the top 10 silverware storage ideas of the year.

5. Hampton Forge

Here is another unique designed product of Hampton Forge, Black wood silverware chest. This one comes with a box figure and a hard hinged lid constructed with wood. It looks elegantly classic with its brooke pattern. It is sized of 20.75x 12.01×4.02 inches that is capable of holding dinnerware of 54 pieces.

This one also has ergonomic handles and is ideally lightweight. You can store your dinnerware such as spoon and folks in that deep part of the case horizontally and store your knives vertically at the side of the lid.

4. Household Essentials

Still have not found what you looking for? We will never disappoint you. Here we have another antique silverware chest that probably matches your needs. It is the Flatware Chest with see-through and removable Lid by Household Essential. It is constructed of 65% of poly fabric and 35% of cotton allowing durable service life plus keeping the silver its original form and color.

With its classic design, this organizer comes with 5 compartments, and another separate pouch that can accommodate 4 serving utensils. Household Essential also features handles that you can easily carry; it supports the maximum weight of 25lbs.

3. Laminet

Moving on to another most reviewed and high rated chest, we would like to present you the quilted flatware chest by Laminet. Laminet has been famous in the market for helping their customer protecting silverware they love for over 74 years. This decorative dinnerware chest is made of soft quilted polyester with a zipper. It comes in shining black, and can hold 12 sets of silverware. You can easily use a damp cloth to wipe this clean. Its dimension is 19 inches, 12 inches, and 5.25 inches height.

2. American Grandeur Flatware Chest

This Grandeur dual drawer flatware chest by American Chest is another silverware chest on leg you should check out. The design looks luxuriously classic. It comes in mahogany color. This storage chest is constructed of antique brass. With its lid-side holder, one big deep storage and a drawer and the total dimension size of 7.25 x 17 x 11.75 inches, this product can store up service for 180 pieces, which includes 24 knives.

Also, with its tradition and dark antique look, this one would perfectly fit and enhance the decor of the room.

1. Chapman & Grand Flatware Chest

Now it is time to view the flatware chest that is taking the lead in the list of this 2020. Owing to lots of good feedback and reviewing rate, that first is the flatware chest from Chapman & Grand brand. This Chest body is made out of firm polyester fabric, highlighting its trim and handles with nylon fabric. The chest comes in two colors; light beige and black, and light beige and gray. Its lid is removable and see-through allowing you to easily know what is inside.

With its wide size, it can hold up to total 80 pieces of spoons, knives, and folks in its organized five separate slots. This one has dimension of 10.2″D, 15.8″W, 3″H. Since it is well-made, you have no worry about the length of its service life.


As you have read through, there are many types and brands of dinnerware chests you can choose and here we have provided you the information of the top 10 silverware chests of the year 2020. Now it is your turn to decide which one is what you have been looking for in terms of classic design, storage capacity, price or other features. Get your favorite one soon while stocks last.

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